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Tournament Rules

Akron Soccer League, Inc. 2018 Kick It First Tournament Rules

Rules: FIFA and NYSW rules will apply, except as amended below.


ALL TEAMS: Must be registered with their State or National organization. Players must possess a current USYSA player pass or approved national pass. Players may only play on 1 team during the tournament. U10 and below: A 14 player roster limit, including a maximum of 3 guest players, where all 14 players can dress. U11 – U12: An 18 player roster limit, including a maximum of 3 guest players, where all 18 can dress. U13 – U17: A 22 player roster limit, including a maximum of 3 guest players, where only 18 can dress.


New York State West Youth Soccer Association: NYSWYSA rules will govern play unless specifically noted in the tournament rules. All referee’s decisions are FINAL! Protests will be accepted on player eligibility ONLY. A written protest must be submitted within 30 minutes of the completion of the match accompanied by a $50 cash fee, refundable if the protest is upheld.


Games and Times: All games will begin as close to scheduled time as possible. All divisions except U10 and below will play two, 30 minute halves. U10 and below will play 25 minute halves. Game times and game lengths may be changed by the sole discretion of the tournament committee due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  There will be no refunds of fees in cases of schedule adjustments due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


Qualifying Rounds: Standings will be determined by points. Three points for a win and one point for a tie. Tie-breakers are as follows:

    (1) Most head to head points                                     (4) Fewest Goals Allowed

    (2) Most wins                                                            (5) Most Goals Scored

    (3) Most Goal-differential – max of 3/games           (6) Penalty kick or coin toss (At the discretion of the ASL Tournament Committee) 


Finals and Playoffs: All regular matches will end when the official match length is over, with the exception of playoffs and finals. If the match is tied at the end of regulation time in a playoff or final game then FIFA penalty kicks shall decide the match.


Substitutions: FIFA’s rules specify the following substitution rules: a player may be substituted at a stoppage of play with the permission of the referee.


Schedule Changes: At times it is necessary to reschedule or cancel games based on teams dropping out, weather, unavailability of fields or many other unforeseen reasons. It is the responsibility of the coach or team manager to become aware of any schedule changes and communicate them to the rest of their players. Any schedule changes will be posted at the main tent, located at the Newstead Veterans Park Complex or on our website at www.akronsoccerleague.com. The coach should check periodically for any changes. There will be no refunds of fees in cases of schedule adjustments due to  weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


Scores: The referees are responsible for reporting the score of all games to the Referee Assignor at each location. The scores will then be reported to the main tent and be posted on the website. Red cards and sideline ejections will also be recorded. Note: In case of a “BYE” because of a no-show or cancellation, a score of 1-0 (3 points) will be awarded to the winning team. The Tournament Committee will make every effort to try to find a replacement team when a cancellation occurs, and reschedule the game if possible, however this cannot be guaranteed.


Weather: If a match is suspended due to weather or any other situation not in the tournament committees’ control, after completion of the first half, that match shall be considered complete and official. All matches halted in the first half, when restarted, will resume at the start of the second half. The Tournament Director in conjunction with the Head Referee will determine when play is halted and restarted. Coaches should report to the Headquarters Tent for instructions regarding the restart of play. In the case of thunder or lightning, everyone is required to leave the fields immediately and return to their vehicles. There will be no refunds of fees in cases of schedule adjustments due to  weather or other unforeseen circumstances.


Home Team: The Home Team is listed first and will be responsible for uniform color change in the event of a conflict. The home team is responsible for providing the game ball. Players from both teams will be placed on the same side of the field. All spectators will be placed on the opposite side of the field from all players.


Conduct: All coaches have responsibility for the conduct of their players, coaching staff, and team spectators. At no time shall foul or abusive language or misconduct be permitted at any field. Coaches or spectators being sent off will be treated the same as if a player is red carded. If the referee decides to ABANDON a match, the team that precipitated the call will forfeit the match. The other team will be declared the winner, the match will be recorded as 4-0 victory and 3 pts awarded for the win. 


Red Cards: The player or coach will be suspended for the current match in which the card was issued plus the next match.  After the suspension is served, passes are to be picked up from the referee’s tent before the next match.  Any player given a red card for VIOLENT behavior will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.  Any penalty that cannot be fully served during the tournament must be completed during the next regularly scheduled league or tournament match (not including State Cup or President’s Cup).  All red cards will be reported to the appropriate governing agencies.


Awards: All 10 and under players will receive a participation award. U11 thru U17 first place teams will receive a team trophy along with individual player awards. U11-U17 second place teams will receive a team trophy and individual awards.


Modified Rules: All U9/U10 matches will be 7v7, including goalkeeper, with a maximum size roster of 14. U11 and U12 matches will be 9v9, including goalkeeper, with a maximum roster size of 18.


General: The ASL Tournament Committee’s interpretation of the foregone rules and regulations shall be final. The ASL Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.  Headquarters for the event will be 5929 Buell St., Akron, NY 14001.